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Heat gun and lots of patience.  But if you're getting new stripes installed have the installer remove the old ones then any damage is on his nickel.   If you've got a GT350 and already have them failing consider getting the stripes painted or you'll just do it again (and again ... )

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Play around with photoshop or have someone help you before you decide.  I personally wouldn't remove them, but I can see the allure.  

For the group: If one was to have the stripes painted, and especially the lettering- would you have custom vinyl "negatives" made for the masking?  How else would you do it?  Seems tedious and difficult.  My stripes still look good, but I can see having them painted in the future.  Maybe Counts Kustoms could do a Kustom stripe and letter job...

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I know they are 'Guardsman Blue.' The original 1966 brand code was 12832 OEM D-F, F, PPG paint code 3251622 . Not sure if it was updated for the 2011-14 cars or not.

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