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Team Shelby

Credit Card information Stolen at the Bash

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It appears that several Team Shelby members had their credit card information taken at the Silverton.

Please call your Credit Card company to check on your account activity.

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34 minutes ago, Cali_KR said:

Thanx Tom,

I used the atm by the front desk, and just checked with my bank. 

All good at my end.

Good luck to those affected. 

Thanks Tom for posting.  I also posted on TS FB Page a couple days ago.  It affected both ATM & credit cards.  I suggested that those affected contact Silverton security so they can take preventive measures.  For me, a coincidence maybe non the less, I received a bogus B of A email stating my account was frozen and I needed to respond with my information or the account would be terminated.  They do not do that.  The email was forwarded to BofA as requested by them after I called them.  Just stay vigilant my friends.   

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