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Vacationing in Montana

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Hello Mountain Region Team Shelby members!


I'm from the Northeast Region (just outside of Philadelphia, PA), and our family is planning a trip to Montana in a few months.


We will be visiting Yellowstone National Park, which may have us dipping down into parts of Wyoming, as well as Glacier National Park, which may have us crossing into Canada.


While I'm in that area, are there any Shelby, or automotive, things we should consider doing/visiting (museums, collections, historic tracks, manufacturers (I visited Kirkham when we were in Utah), etc.)?


Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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If you're going through Denver on your route plan a Saturday stop at the Shelby American Collection (between Boulder and Longmont). It's only open Saturday 10-4 though. This is the home of CSX2000 now.

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Thanks for the ideas and suggestions!


Some of the events won't fit our dates, but we are still planning our driving and flying options, so the alternate locations and attractions are a possibility.


Please keep the ideas coming!

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