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Drivers Skills/Track Day at Colorado National Speedway

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I just received this in an email





Dear Friends;


You are invited to participate in the "Speed Gone Wild!!" Colorado National Speedway Drivers Skills & Track Day, in conjunction with the Northern Colorado Mustang Car Club on Friday, July 1 (see attached flier/registration form). This year the Track Day will be $40/driver for the day. There will be 2 sessions rather than one. All drivers will also receive 2 free General Admission Passes good for most race nights during the summer season.


Also, there will be one night during the season (likely in August) when the track will let all of the racers in this event go on the track during a NASCAR race night to do parade laps around the track during an intermission. On that night, anyone who participated in this Track Day can exhibit their cars by the front entrance of the facility and talk to spectators about their cars as they enter the track. .


See the attached flier for more info, and for how to register. Feel free to e-mail me for more info at Sonicifirestorm427@gmail.com, or call me at(303) 682-3000.


Best Regards,



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