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Rocky Mountain Mustang Round-Up Steamboat Springs

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Thanks for reminding me about rejetting the Carb., but what I think I will do with this engine is add a FAST unit to it then I don't have to worry. Its a 351C using a 393ci Scat stoker and was dyno'd at 580hp but I had him detune it to 536hp and 530lbs of torq to be more drivable. The engine is so beautiful I didn't even want to put it in the car it looks so good as a display lol

Awesome! Let me know when you get moved in and settled, we'll have to hook up at a show or Mustang club event if interested.

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It's pure and simple: Congestion, coupled with a very high number of semi-trailer trucks. This is a non-commuting region on very busy roads with a high concentration of tourists on the weekends. Ever been in the bay area? Commuters seem to handle congestion a lot better. Couple that with the region south of Loveland that is only 2 lane and you get a lot of traffic. You're lucky. It used to be two lane to about where E470 meets I25.

I grew up driving on I-95 in south FL with zero accidents ever or tickets so I can drive anywhere. I've been on 1-25 north before but never crowded like that. Maybe its time CO make that 3 lanes up to Wyoming as I'm sure it delays the truckers big time

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