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What are the production numbers of special options installed by Shelby American?

My CSM143500094 had several extra options installed at Shelby American speed shop before delivery.

Maximum Motorsports 4point roll cage

Shelby American Racing Headers

Shelby Transmission Cooler

Shelby Twin Disc DYAD clutch upgrade

Shelby uper pulley upgrade (Super Charger 11psi)

Shelby Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake JLT

Shelby Oil Seperators

SCT Handheld 3015

Dyno Tune with Custom Tune (609 HP & 512 Ft lbs torque at the rear wheels)

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On ‎3‎/‎30‎/‎2015 at 2:49 PM, shelbymotorsports said:

159 for 2011

132 for 2012

36 for 2013

87 for 2014


which comes to a grand total of 414 which makes these cars rarer than the 1965 GT350R cars.



There were just 34 GT 350R Shelby's built in 1965. 

1965 GT350 Mustang Production Figures

The production run started in late December 1964 and was finished by July 9, 1965.

1     Street Prototype for 1965     003
11     Advanced Pre-Production Prototypes     004 - 014
3     Shelby Hi-Performance School cars     021, 029, 451
4     Drag Cars     207, 327, 351 ,360
2     Prototypes for 1966 GT350     200, 319
1     Paxton Supercharger Prototype     425
2     Competition Prototypes-Factory     001, 002
504     Street Production Models (Including 7 P.R., 6 Company cars)
34     Factory Competition Race Models
562     Total Production Run for the 1965 GT350 Mustang
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31 minutes ago, mcbride6_17 said:

I was looking for the full 2011-2014... But the 2014 List is wrong... My car isn't on there. I have a 2014 Black Glass Top with the SC 624 Black says there wasn't any made in 2014 with that SC. I'm currently trying to hunt down the original window sticler and any information. The VIN and CSM come up and verify that it is a Shelby GT350. In the process of registering the car with Shelby currently. 

 You may want to contact SAI directly and ask. If you bought used, the supercharger could have been added by the owner..

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30 minutes ago, mhr1961 said:

 You may want to contact SAI directly and ask. If you bought used, the supercharger could have been added by the owner..

It's the factory blower has not been change. I've got pictures of it on the showroom floor in Las Vegas with the whipple supercharger on it. 

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I believe it may be the 525hp but i thought that was kenne bell... maybe i miss understood and kenne bell was only on earlier models? Im not 100% sure. I do know the ford performance blower is the stock one. But the car has after market vmp throttle body, roush cai, smaller whipple pulley and kook headers. The car makes 613 to the wheels i have the dyno sheet for it 

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