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You should do a search on the site. There are many topics about carriers.


I use intercity. They moved my Cobra twice and my Ford GT. Both had some pretty good company - a SL300 Gullwing accompanied my Cobra and a SL300 roadster was along with my GT.


When getting quotes your bogey ought to be about a buck a mile....



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Ok so others have used this company with good results?


I am requesting a quote also.


Do you remember any posts here with members using them?

No, most discussions here have been companies with the larger trucks carrying several cars like Reliable, Intercity etc. When I shipped my car to Vegas for the SC I believe I used Reliable, no issues.

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Do they have enclosed, small transport?


Not sure about small transport. My vehicle was in an enclosed carrier with 5 other vehicles. (really nice ones too). Each vehicle was treated with white glove service(as would be expected).


I personally met the driver and communicated with him throughout the entire trip. I received frequent updates and was extremely pleased with the service.

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Does anyone know of a reputable one or two car transport for hire?

Passport Transport... used them like 5 times with ZERO issues and on time every single time plus they usually have the best price

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Thanks for this thread, found out I'm being transferred from IL to the Dallas, TX area. Just put in a quote request. I hope this works better than my transfer from Austin to here in 2005. I was not happy with how my Terminator was handled, somehow they damaged my oil filter. When they backed the car out of the truck the car started pumping oil out of the side of the filter. Good thing I was standing there, I was screaming at the driver to shut the car off while he looked at me like I was crazy.

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gtup1, a little off topic here, however, if you need anything car related/Shelby related/car activities in Dallas, let me know. The Shelby Cobra Association of Texas group are great folks as are the North Texas Mustang Club(NTMC) folks. If you get here before June 21, plan to attend the Legacy Bank Shelby Car show.



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Call Ken at Gran Turismo Motorsports. I experienced great service.....



Sent in a request came back within two hours, got love that end of their service especially for a Sunday. Turning that into the Company relo folks tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up on the Legacy Bank Car Show, I will be there long before that June date so I'll try and make it out.

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