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Well said.




Ah, but only you and 500 of your comrades will share this experience. That's where the money is. $38,000 for a Focus? you may ask, again, after reading this diatribe. That's outrageous!


Is it?


The Volkswagen Golf R is $34,795, with four doors. The fastest Mini that they'll build for you is a $39,950 Mini John Cooper Works GP, which is fast and fun and shouty but only packs 211 horsepower. One could get a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution at $34,695, and we'd have no qualms about it.


This is the rarefied echelon of hot hatches, however; it's the sort of $40,000 investment that only makes sense to Europeans who have just collectively spent that much for a Renault Megane Renaultsport 265 Trophy. And while that fine example of unobtainable yellow valet-sneering "punk rock" comes in at a U.S. equivalent of $41,500, it's still down by 10 horsepower.


By those standards, the Shelby Focus ST is a bargain.


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Excellent! This article puts it out there like it is. The focus may seem over-glorified, and it sounds like a challenge to drive (of course it is if you've only driven it once.....). And they don't forget to question 'paying for a name', and putting it into the classic 'sandwich' format of good, bad, good. But that last paragraph lays it all out; the car is in fact extremely advanced, fast, controllable, and has nothing but quality parts made to go full-fill its niche and go up against contending cars built in a similar light.

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