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Motor Trend's Quick Drive - "Pocket Rocket Goes Like Hell"

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Nice car! Kinda sad though how costs keep going up. $40k is $1500 more than I paid for my Shelby GT w/ 319 HP V8 6 years ago. Hopefully there's enough rich kids / parents to sell a bunch!


I read there is now a Fiesta ST in Europe...



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Why would you assume 'Younger Buyers' means 'Kids'? The true is, its all realtive. I imagine my 39yrs look pretty young from the perdpective of someone in their 60's. It would be more logical to assume that those between ~25 and ~35yrs are the 'Younger Buyers' Shelby is after. At nearly 40 I could be considered a 'Younger Buyer' when you consider that the average age of a GT350 & SuperSnake owner is more than likely over 50 (No, I did not just call GT350 & SS owners old).


Jer, anything in Shelby's marketing that states what is considered the 'Younger' demographic?

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Apparently we're both assuming.


When I say "kids" and think "younger buyers", i assumed just that. Young people, not "relatively young". Hell, even i am "relatively young" to some buyeres. I am thinking 16 to 23....young driving years, college years. I thought that Shelby was seeking to drum up some interest in that group.


I'm sure Jer will set us straight and you may be correct!

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There is a lot of interest by the college crowd, just not the money. A lot of my friends would like to have the new focus (now that they've seen it in person) and use it as a DD, but for that kind of money they could pay off a large portion of student loans and credit card debt. I'm curious what the 'younger crowd' is as well...

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