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Hey everyone now that I have the 91 coming I need to store it outside for a while. I need to build a bigger garage but for now I need to store my mustang outside. What should I do. If I purchase an instant garage I have to put it in the grass, I would have to put a tarp down first then erect the shelter logic on top (bugs, mice) I also heard they sweat inside. Also this would be a harder way for me to take it out and drive it. I did see a car cover that completely wraps the car, you drive up on it then wrap it. Or just a really good car cover. But I want to try and stop snow drifting under the car. Any help would be appreciated.




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I absolutely hate my Weather Shield cover. It's a fitted piece that I rarely use any more. I've had two of the Evolution/Technalon2 cvoer and been very pleased with the results. They stayed on through hurricanes, while the W/S cover billows like a parachute in any wind. I might also step up to the Noah material, which is one step up from E/T. Although the E/T cover is not as waterproof as the W/S cover, the W/S is NOT completely waterproof. You can tell in that video where the cover can adhered to the car due to the water below. No cover is totally waterproof.

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I tend to pick a lighter color for heat reflectivity. The black cover will have temp in the car higher than say, a tan or grey cover which will reflect the sunlight/heat more. My preference is grey as it doesn't show dirt and dust as munch as the tan does.

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