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Team Shelby

2012-07-04 Estes Park Car Show

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This one has become an annual for me (and sometimes my wife). Their superb fireworks show was canceled due to the fire danger so she didn't come up. In the past we've come up for the show and then stayed the night for the fireworks (rather than try to get out of town in the madness) but that was not to be this year. The car show was good.


Best car in my class (2-door sports cars) went to a Shelby Cobra replica (Superformance). But I left with a cool prize anyway (more at the end).


There are usually at least two or three Stanley Steamers present. Stanley opened the Stanley Hotel and brought guests up to Estes Park in the Steamers from Lyons (where I live) and Loveland. Alas, there were none present this time.


The GT. Again, lots of photos taken and stories told.






This show gets lots of variety. An amazing number - the majority, I think - of the cars are from Estes Park. Many old vehicles are brought in from far away. Fire engines are common.










There's no replacement for displacement !!!

















These two Vipers were set up for racing.























This pair of 69 Mustangs shows up at shows all over. They are owned by a couple.



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Olds 442 W30. These are "sleepers".







OK, so here's the pleasant surprise. I had noticed this photo when I turned in my ballot and was trying to figure which route - Lyons or Loveland to Estes was depicted. It was one of the raffle prizes so I crossed my fingers.


Well, they announced all the prizes and then started the raffle. You had to be present to win. They announced the winner of the photo, no one came up so they set it aside and when the winner still didn't show up, another number was pulled. MINE!!! How totally strange that I'd looked at the picture and ended up winning it. It was a little tough rearranging the front seat to get it in there to take it back but it did fit. I was more excited about winning this than I would have been about getting a prize for the car. It will find a place hanging on our wall when I get a hanger that can carry the weight.





The story of these as it was told during the drawings. A local resident had a ton of old negatives that he was going to toss out - not interested any more - and the lady that makes these got them. She prints the old B&W images and then hand colors them (as was common in the 20's). She has a gallery in Estes Park. This is of the Big Thompson River with Stanley Steamers bringing guests to the Stanley Hotel. Way cooler than a car plaque.



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Sweet! Thanks for posting the pics. I was up there that day and asked around for you, but you were nowhere to be found! Ah well, hopefully get to meet you another time.

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Sweet! Thanks for posting the pics. I was up there that day and asked around for you, but you were nowhere to be found! Ah well, hopefully get to meet you another time.



Almost assuredly one of the following:


1. Taking Pictures

2. Chatting with owners of cool cars

3. Takng pictures

4. Eating lunch and drinking a beer at the Mexican place across the street (one of our favorites)

5. Repeat 2 & 3.


Maybe see you at the Horsefeathers show in August.

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