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  1. Welcome to the 2012 Boss family... You will love the way this car performs and sticks to the road.
  2. Alex, you have performed many excellent tasks including modifications for 40th owners. The one that comes to mind is the one where you added quad exhaust. I think that one was one of the most challenging. What do you mean by fixing razor wheels?
  3. John, those were the good old days... we sure had a lot of fun up in the attic. I'll need some help updating the list and maybe we can bring back the laughter and fun once again. Good to see Sherri is still around. Let's start with a roll call and see who is still around and any new 40th owners. This would great way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 40th. Added your name to the biggest tires list. Let's lock and load............. Coupes 155 Convert 155 unknown 2 total 312 And the nominees are 1. Only Black 40th with Red Cobras. 07-shlb #?-15 2. First GT500 sold at BJ $650,00
  4. John, this might help. Shelby 65 posted this in http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/62237-who-has-what/page-2 Shelby65_mustang Shelby65_mustang Great Lakes Region Posted 12 November 2010 - 10:48 PM I believe the 1st 40th Belongs to Steve Davis, from Barrett-Jackson, it was #CSM07XL0001, when we dropped our car off in February of 2007 to be converted we saw it in person, had been signed by Carroll, "To My Good Friend Steve....Carroll Shelby", Steve Navarro was working at Shelby American then and he jokingly said to us, look he signed it to me, Steve!!, Of Course he
  5. Holy mackeral...............so Cliff is hitting on Jim's new friend Becky. Lets see some pics......
  6. Glad to hear everything is going well and Jim has a new friend. Vic, keep your hands off Jim's new friend. Cliff, how in the world did you walk out of that adult store with Jim's new friend? Scott, how is your new wingman doing?
  7. Scott, I'm not feeling any better. You might have to find a new driver to watch your back. All these years having the number two pole position has been great. Well make decision on Friday. George, I could meet you in Valdosta at 7:00 and then take Hwy 221 up to Augusta if I'm feeling better. Do you still have my number?
  8. The only time I get unleashed is when they let a camaro or vette pass them.
  9. Cliff, the Shelby has coverage with Barrett-Jackson Ins Program 877 545 2522 with a yearly premium of $407.00 and the Boss is with a three car group rate with Geico at $960.00. The Shelby is covered only if primarily used in car club activities, exhibitions, parades, or for a private collection and used only infrequently for other purposes.
  10. Doug, Kenna or Jenna who cares. The most important thing is you're in and when the cruise is over you will have many exciting stories to tell. Usually there are many about Jim and his shenanigans. Don't believe anything Cliff or Scott says. Frank, don't forget the brownies. Jenny looking forward seeing the Devil Bunny. It will be good to see Jeff and Vic again. Peter, get with the program and make those reservations.. Where is George?????
  11. Just got off the phone with Jenna. Doug give her a call and she will take care of it. Patrick is off from the night shift.
  12. Call them back right now and ask for patrick. He knows what is what.
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