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  1. If your going to do a tune on a 2013, it should be a Lund tune, whether you buy from revan, lethal, or me, lund hands down knows what's going on with these cars. More exerience than anyone on these cars.
  2. just arrived a few minutes ago!
  3. man, i missed this thread a while back, lol!
  4. Scheduled for build 12/19, should be one of the very last 2012's. NO ADM. Will have the car cover, recaro / torsion option ETA says 12/24, but i'll be honest. That seems awful fast. Probably be 1-2 weeks into January
  5. Sounds like a funny question coming from a car salesman. The owner of the Ford store I work for is at Barrett Jackson and there is a vert running today he's kinda interested in. What have these been selling for?
  6. i've had a few calls, i dont' expect to get 10 over, like i said, i advertised to board members at msrp, i gotta list em how the boss says to though, i've got no 08's and no 09's and sold 4 of the 1000 kr's
  7. if you don't ask you don't get it i already posted here months ago that board members could buy at msrp
  8. i just listed both our cars. We have a coupe and convertible that have already been built and invoiced. Should be here in the next 1-2 weeks. I listed them at 10k over we'll see what happens, ya never know.
  9. got some parts, but i must be blind cuz i can't find the parts for sale /wanted section did we lose it when forums switched or am i blind?
  10. this isn't specific to the gt500's , it's specific to the new body style cars. make sure you actually turn your stereo off before you shut the car off. this has happened on my 06 gt i had and now on my gt 500
  11. since i'm pulling the motor to do cams anyway, i am having lt's put on, no charge since the motor will be out
  12. skinnies outta get you 1-2 tenths. 64 pounds of rotational weight, means much more than 64 of fixed weight. Also, you have less thickness which will mean less rolling resistance as well.
  13. are you asking if that by putting a lower pulley that spins the tvs faster thereby creating more boost / power if putting that same pulley on a car with another blower will have the same effect. that is a very easy answer yes, lol laws of physics still apply to the other blowers, lol sorry, couldn't resist
  14. ya know whats funny, you all seem to forget that alloy is a metal every one of the "lil" fancy colored cars are made of metal. so clearly Alloy is the fastest color
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