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  1. Dealership is having trouble locating a PCM for my 07 GT500. I'm at the point now that I'll just buy one. They say there are no NEW boxes out there, does anyone know if this is true? I've looked on-line at a couple sites that offer refurbed units, anyone have any experiences with purchasing one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thx TexasShelby
  2. Good luck... I just spent 30 minutes looking and came up with nothing. You might give Tasca a call and ask them if they have any leads on 09 take off parts. Some one may have one laying around somewhere. I bagged and tagged all my takeoff parts.
  3. oh that's the stock one, I paid the extra $$$ for the 50HP increase. just so you know. 😉
  4. YouTube has a decent video of some guys doing it in his driveway... It's pretty straight forward. Easiest would be with a lift and a second set of hands.
  5. Mine wasn't billet, I think that was a Scott Drake thing if I remember right.
  6. Yeah, they did a good job this year. I'm still using my 2014 mouse pad. 😉
  7. I've had my JLT CAI for 11 years now, zero issues, and JLT's service and other products are top quality.
  8. Back in 07, before the new titled TS, the S197Forum and StangsUnleashed.
  9. No lie....opened my box and lost my hat to my wife immediately. :-( This is the best box in years. Great shirt, great hat.
  10. yeah, it was stangsunleashed... yeah, Team Shelby member 139. Site was hopping back then. Yeah I'm just about to hang it up myself. Good to see you did, and thank you for your service.
  11. Hey there....glad to see an old timer or two on here. Glad your are doing well and your new project looks great! Good to see you...You too FarmDog
  12. Hey, Well I went through the spreadsheets I have that have everything I've done to my car, but I must not have put the eyebrow on it. If you found the post, send me a link to it and I'll see if I might have his info still. If not, here are two that are close. Of course, Team Shelby and the other would be the Top Vinyl, I think I have the 40", but be sure and measure how much room you have from your tri-angles on the windshield. Some law enforcement will write you up if it's below it. Last case, let me know and I can measure mine out exactly and have a vinyl shop here cut one for
  13. Let me see if I can dig up where I got mine from and I'll holler back at you. I've had mine quite some time now.
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