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  1. Aint it cool? I have # 147 at home. its going into my man cave---if I ever get it done
  2. It could be a couple of different things. I remember there were issues with the radio staying on and causing a huge drain on the battery. It was an internal short with in the radio unit itself. As for the fog lights, sounds like it could be the headlight switch. I would also look for a wire issue. I have also seen worn wires and chewed through (gotta love the critters) wires. Also, check grounds. Look for corrosion where ground wires are. This too can cause alot of havoc with the electrical systems. Hope this helps. Bud
  3. zip me you addy at servadvis1@aol.com I have one (the one they gave us) that I think I wore maybe once or twice. Its yours my friend Just need a little time to grab it and box it up.
  4. Is that the t-shirt from a few years back? hard to see the pics.
  5. CONGRATS Gary!!!!!!!!!!! It was a pleasure and an HONOR to have worked with you and to get to know you while I was there. You are such a great person inside and out. Good luck to you and your family!!!! Bud
  6. Hi Jim, Long time no see my friend. Oh, how I wish that would happen, but I highly doubt it would. I would fly back in a heart beat Ok, now for my thoughts on Akos. I worked with Akos for 3+ years and let me tell you--his mind NEVER stops!!! You could just sit there and watch him thinking and know something good is going to happen. I have seen him fight many battles and WIN for the company. He never stops!!! While there, he taught me so many things. Not just about the business, but things in life too. I consider him still a great friend. He knows his shit and wont stop until
  7. Great, no TJ Max or Marshalls around here all is good though Bud
  8. Hi all!!!! Hope all is well with everybody. Long time no see. All is good here. Anywho, check this out. One of our vendors said he was going to send us something (we buy a lot of stuff from this dealer--Ford products). So the other day a huge box came in and there were 2 of these in the box. One went to the owner of the dealership and I was given the other one. They are both signed by the artist----Mark Conforzi. If you do not recognize the name, do a google search. He is one cool guy. Here's what was sent to us. Enjoy!!!! Bud
  9. Hi ALL!!!!!! Well, I have been trying to post a couple pics last nite, but I think my router died Hopefully this will work. Enjoy!! Bud
  10. Honestly, I would LOVE to do that. It could be called something like the Life andTimes at Shelby 2006-2010. And it would be just a pictoral book--no words (maybe a couple here and there LOL) But, I'm sure it would be very expensive to do, and I'm sure there would be a ton of legal issues and fees. And, I would have to get all of the permissions to do it. I'm not sure if I'm up for the fight or not. If it could be done as an unauthorized version, maybe it could work, but I'm sure there would still be a ton of obsticles in the way. It would make one hell of a coffee table book though
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