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  1. Nice Ride, my guess is in the low $40’s, but I don’t have a lot of info to back that up. Hopefully you didn’t buy as an investment. Beautiful Car
  2. Looks great!!! Congratulations 🎊🍾🎈🎉 Good to see SAI does Dyno’s now for their customers they never used to do that.
  3. I really hope the New M4 doesn’t have that grill, awful 😂😂😂
  4. Thank you!!! Yes they say the HP numbers are under-rated. I see this as a good compromise between a GT500 and the C8 Corvette. If the GT500 was readily available and able to test drive I may have gone that route. It has the comp package apparently it goes 0-60 in 3.8 or so and mid 12’s quarter mile. Apparently it’s easy to get a lot more power but those numbers are plenty fast for me and I’m keeping it stock.
  5. You’re in for a whole different experience, these cars are amazing!!!! I absolutely love the color combo and the Targa!!! Reach out with any questions I know a lot about the 997’s.
  6. That’s another thing I loved these wheels in Orbit Gray are only on this edition, it’s very unique. 👍
  7. Those seats are beautiful, I agree those compete with the BMW ones. I also agree Ford has come a LONG way, I have a 2007 Shelby GT. I’ve done a lot to improve the interior, but it’s essentially a $20K Rental Car base model interior. And honestly that is OK for mustangs of old where it was all about Bang For Buck, but back in those days a Mustang didn’t cost more than a Corvette. Your car is beautiful 👍👍👍 The GT500 could’ve worked with my boys too. I honestly considered the Heritage Edition GT350 more then the GT500 more because of the crazy ADM’s then anything. I also absolut
  8. Thank you!!! The interior stitching matches the paint color of the car, really cool touch. Ford should take some of their Lincoln interior folks and have them build a nice GT500 Only option for Ford. Chevy finally figured that out with the Corvette, even Dodge has an option for stitched dash and door panels.
  9. Hey all just picked up a new ride thought I would share for those that aren’t Brand Biased. I thought about the New GT500, but in the end I don’t want to deal with ADM’s and honestly I wanted a nicer interior and just wanted to change it up. I also looked at 911’s and thought about the New C8, but in the end my 14 year old twin boys like cars too much and I wanted to make sure they could join me when ever they wanted. I bought a BMW M4 in Laguna Seca Blue, the color really has to be seen to appreciate, its amazing!!! This is the Heritage Edition, only 250 made in this color. It’s
  10. No car will ever come before my family. One of the reasons I’m thinking about selling 2 toys and replacing with 1 is I don’t have time for them. I also want 1 I can share experiences with my kids and possibly something my wife can drive. Time will tell.
  11. Thank you I agree the wheels made a HUGE difference, they are by far the lightest wheels I’ve ever owned too. Miss that car!!’
  12. Sold the recent 911 to do this for the family, now that this is all paid for and completed I’m thinking about another.
  13. Bought it with black wheels added the Kinesis ones after a year or so. Honestly just pulling these pictures up makes me think I sold the wrong car, but I do love driving the Shelby too.
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