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  1. Well Ford Carlisle did not disappoint this year even with the Covid-19 cloud that has been trying to kill ( no pun intended) enthusiasm for everything! Great crowd and showing of cars , Fairgrounds did a great job keeping everyone as safe as they wanted...70’ Mach ran great and I probably dropped 10 lbs sweating behind that big block as the weather was plenty hot driving up and back.Looking forward to catching up with Team Shelby Northeast members in the 14’Gt500 this fall if any events are still planned!!
  2. Two days to go, got the Mach ready for Cruising up Thursday with my friend Tom convoying in his 69’. We will be parked in the show field Friday and Saturday. I’ll look for the Team Shelby guys after you roll in!
  3. Just got my gate sticker and package for Carlisle in the mail ! Ready to go in 15 days.....
  4. Thanks guys, been a Team Shelby member since 07, just haven’t been active on the site for a long while ! The dealer bought the car at auction. I believe it was a stripe delete and in the process of them fixing paint issues the dealership owner really liked the Grabber Blue stripes on Black offered on 10’ thru 12’ Shelbys and had the upper stripes painted then clear coated the car.You cannot feel any seams of the stripes, whoever sprayed it did a fantastic job! Car definitely needed the rocker molding stripes to complete the look so I got a set from Big Worm graphics that matched the Grabber B
  5. Still driving the 70’ Mach, that’s a completely different blast !! That big block works you and lets you know your alive when you push it lol.....
  6. Was looking for awhile to get a 2014, found one online and on May 27th drove my 07, Gt500 that I bought new down to North Carolina to make the purchase. The dealer did a beautiful job painting Grabber Blue Shelby top stripes on the Black car. 8 hrs later After driving in a monsoon the whole way it Was home! Added the Grabber Blue rocker stripes and had the paint detailed and ceramic coated. Just installed new plugs, JLT intake tube and air aid filter. Oil separator for the pvc is on order. Totally different driving experience compared to the 07, although I really think both are outstanding fu
  7. Hey Bill, thanks for the update. I’ll be going to Carlisle again this year Thursday through Sunday. Staying at the Homewood suites again with the Mach 1 registry. Just drove my 07’ gt500 with 67000 miles on it that I bought new down to Hickory NC on May 27 th to trade it for a 14, gt500 with 33,000 . Drove it back home 8 hrs in a monsoon the next day. What a difference 7 years makes. Loving the decision to go with the 5.8 . Car is a blast and a totally different animal than the 07’ which I loved as well!, Chris
  8. Hi all, been awhile, used to see z man just about everyday on the way home from work. Still have the 70’ Mach and 07, Gt500 The original ford clutch went out at 12000, the TSB clutch at 26000. Finally put in a McCloud RXT . No issues now at 63000. Looking forward to making some events again.
  9. Thanks for the Update, good show coming up at Del Co Comm. Coll. Oct.18th. Put on by the Historical Car Club of Pa. Everything from Stanley steamers on up ! Fun to get there early and watch it all cruise in . Check their web site for the specifics & show classes. Chris
  10. I'll try to make this one. Missed the last couple ! Was that you in your WRX I went by on rt 52 today in my Mach. ?
  11. Thanks Z , should be fun. Been about 15 years since we've been to the Islands !
  12. Crap, I even spelled it wrong.....never mind !...Missed it & yeah I'm still going to Antigua...lol
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