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  1. On my 2008 with a TVS, I changed to a fixed upper control arm for $100.00, plus my own labor. Problem solved.
  2. From my readings on another website, there will be an option to replace the filter wiithout replacing the entire unit.
  3. Wait till JLT gets the new filter approved for market. This new catch can is anticipated to perforrm much better than existing catch cans. The new style was to be released in early July, but filter supplier problems has delayed it release.
  4. Yes - I too have used sand paper. One is not sanding the upward surface only the burrs on the bottom side. It is more of a honing exercise than a sanding one.
  5. Good question. On the "adjustable" FRPP tuner, when loading the tune there is an option for the fuel type.
  6. I have the Ford racing tune set for 93 octane. I can only get 91, but in Colorado with its higher elevation I get the benefits of advance timing with the 93 octane setting and experience no detonation whatsoever. I spoke to Ford Racing about the 91 or 93 setting and they told me I would be safe with their 93 setting. I too am on the conservative fence and have no problem going with the Ford Racing Parts and software.
  7. Interesting comments, but it is also my understanding that a convertible GT500 suspension is softer than a regular coupe GT500. I don't feel is it wise to compare a convertible to a coupe. A like-for-like comparison would be more definitive.
  8. Rear Pull = broken axle??? Are you having to add additional REV's to get the car going.? This could be a sign.
  9. Make sure they use a technician that installs stripes on a regular basis, not some guy that does clear bra work. Ask who ever is doing the stripe work his history / experience in installing the stripes. If you don't find a qualified guy you will be making trips back and forth to the body shop till they get it right. Speaking from personal experience.
  10. Along the same idea, why not find a used tire with decent blocks / tread left? Cut the tire tread to desired dimensions and go with that?
  11. A solution is to purchase driveway rubber curb blocks and install.
  12. Go ahead and take it out for the drive. If the roads are clean and dry go for it. I drive mine all the time at those temps and lower with stock Goodyear. Take your time on ramps and corners and you will be fine. Contrary to popular belief, one can drive the car without spinning the rears. Easy on th throttle.
  13. Thank you for your input also about the sealant. I just received the Harbor Freight molding tools. I have a scratch on the bumper that must be repaired. Garage doors can be very painful to a GT500. So my plan is to remove the cover only, then have it repaired / cleared.
  14. Don't know if it is related, but the click you mentiioned, I have in my 08 with its stock clutch. Probably the same noise. I have no concern.
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