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  1. Hey, 
    Do you have the Felt Shelby? or perhaps you might know someone who does?


  2. Tried to make reservation at Silverton and they are saying that the "Resort Fees" are on top of the negotiated rates. The daily resort fee is ~$21.50 on top of daily rate. Is this for real? Is it not possible for Shelby to negotiate this fee out of the contract? It's not like we are hanging out taking advantage of pools and other amenities. May be looking else where for lodging.
  3. I have been around TS since 2006 and have to agree this feels like a step backwards vs the previous version. The fact that the site was down over a week tells me Shelby needs a upgrade in the IT department.
  4. I tried to PM you but your box must be full. I have a new Fayes 2 that i purchased a couple of years ago and never installed. If interested PM with an email.
  5. I have a NIB set that I purchased direct from Shelby a few years back when I had a KR. I think I only opened one of the four boxes and the one i opened was not removed from the box. PM me if interested.
  6. I plan to arrive Friday morning at Hallet and back to the Marriott later Friday. Not bringing a car as i am in the area visiting so timing worked out. This event has always intrigued me so i get to check it off the list.
  7. I have used Jelly Blades for 15 years on more show cars than I can count and have never had an issue. They work great and shorten the time to remove water from a waxed car a bunch.
  8. I bought a 3m vinyl sheet material from a graphics place in Dallas and had stripes cut for a new hood. Its been a few years and the tube I have the left over material in did not have an address but I had the graphics place send me samples of options until i got a match. Since they have been laid down you can not tell the difference from ford stripes.
  9. Mike - If not available to pick up registration in Gardena or the Shelby Stars event on Wednesday, will registration packages be available at Petersen or will we pick up in LV? Thanks Ken
  10. Anyone trailering from SD or OC to vegas that might have room to take a set of track tire for the bash? I know it is a long shot but just wanted to throw it out there just in case! Thanks and PM if anyone has room!
  11. Did last years package have skybox acess? I recall postings from last years group enjoying skybox access. That would be a perk that would entice me to spend $395 vs just buying a pass from BJ for $175
  12. If anyone located in So Cal area wants one i will sell for $1000 but not interested in shipping. Never ridden has sat in my office since new. PM if interested. SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!
  13. SAAC awards DIV lll survivor cars basis the determination of the car qualifying or not qualifying.
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