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  1. Just came back from the museum. Spent way too much in the shop. Can't post the picts as the files are to big evidently. ☹️
  2. In and out, up and down. Manual release lever on right side of column.
  3. I've had mine all of 48 hrs and already have over 500 miles on the clock. Moved over my Vland tail lights, Diode Dynamics side markers, JLT catch cans, Steeda non skid throttle pedal, brake and clutch pads and, JLT high flow air cleaner with dust cover. The only negative being one cannot just gas and go ............😁 This car draws a crowd like flies to a manure pile ...........
  4. Exactly ............ Get in the habit of checking the oil level at least once a week. Also,get a catch can for the passenger side. You will be amazed at how much oil it catches in a weeks time.
  5. The primary benefit of factory oil is that should there be an engine issue, FOMOCO will ask for a sample draw of the oil. Also another reason to use the dealers quick change services. Ford has a record ! Plus, you gain points to your Fordpass ............ You did register right ?
  6. What ? Blasmephy I say .............. 🤣 Sadly, doing something that uses logic ceases in all things related to cars and marriage. Go figure ..........
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