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  1. Turn DOWN 🤣 the volume and enjoy.
  2. It appears it was more of a wind event than a water event. Funny too because they’d screamed “15-20 ft. wave surge!” and the water issues were not really an issue. You can’t fool Mother Nature!!
  3. Godspeed to the folks in LA and TX. 😓
  4. Was 130F in Death Valley Calif. yesterday. Hottest day on the planet in 89 years.
  5. Uhhh....no. A couple decals on an electric bike and ya got a $7200 Shelby???
  6. I’ll tell him Mike. Thanks. And yes..... it’s the hottest summer on record in Phoenix. We’ve had 8 days of 115 or higher as of yesterday. Something like 39 days 110 or higher. Plus were now chasing the all time record for days in a row without rain. Record is 160, and I think we’re at like 137? I can’t even enjoy the pool, as it’s like bath water. Edit- One good thing is the garages are air conditioned at 79F. So I’ve been working on all the cars.
  7. Keith says he’s locked out? Can’t navigate the forum.
  8. Only shipping might be a thousand dollars to Canada!
  9. Super clean used set. https://www.ebay.com/itm/402338787164
  10. I have a thought for the day for all you.... Why can’t the big rigs utilize the same technology that these new cars have for parallel parking, for backing trucks with trailers out of places they got in, but have difficulty backing out? Won’t these autonomous electric semis they’re working on have it anyway? Case in point, I live in a culdesac gated area that LOTS of big rigs try driving through our neighborhood delivering materials for the new homes still under destruction, and they have a helluva time getting outta here. 1/2 the time they take out our gate at the front of the
  11. Looks awesome buddy ro!! I’m not keen on the clear tails tho. 😥
  12. That Vette looks sweet bud. Zthat your neighbors???
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