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  1. Thanks! On the Shelby website (https://www.shelby.com/Vehicles/Shelby-F-150) it says 770 hp... is that for the 2020? Or can that apply to the 2019?
  2. This annual event still going on/still a thing?
  3. Hey! New Vegas member here too! Picked up a '19 F-150 last month. I'm up near Aliante and Cannary.
  4. Yeah, I saw it in another post... Very nice! Thanks for the input. I'm leaning towards Whipple, but also considering Roush and Bell. Are you/have you switched the stationary running boards to power running boards?
  5. Hi! I picked up my first Shelby last month... a basic/non-supercharged 2019 Shelby F-150 Awesome performance, but looking to upgrade down the line and add the supercharger. Should I do a Whipple or Roush, or? (Pics of my truck in my profile) Thanks!
  6. Thanks... Still figuring out how to post. Tried to delete this, but couldn't find how to. Tried to start a topic under trucks, but wouldn't let me.
  7. Which region does one get if they live in the Las Vegas, NV area?
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