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  1. Hello, doing some suspension work to my 2013 gt 500 coupe. Going with Koni yellow front and rear shocks, pan head bar, rear lower arm relocation kit and Sportsline lowering springs. My lowering springs are rated for 1” drop in the front and 1.3” drop in the back. The shop installing them for me told me when they settle it will be more like a 2” drop in the front and a 2.5” drop in the rear... makes me a little nervous thinking I’ll only have like 3.5” of clearance. So is that accurate? When they settle, can I expect another full inch drop? I don’t have a lot of speed bumps in my area
  2. Thanks fellas..... 733rwhp sounds like a hell of a ride! I should also add in that I can only run 91 pump gas, I don’t have access to e85 or anything higher octane where I live... he says it’s a very conservative tune and more or less for safety purposes so something doesn’t go bang because of the crappy fuel we have. I just don’t understand how building my engine would really help me see 650 rwhp or 700 rwhp because I’m still going to be running that 91 octane pump fuel 🤔 I don’t know I have a lot to learn yet I suppose.
  3. Hey guys, New here, got my first Shelby gt500 last fall, it’s still in winter storage. It will be coming out soon and sent immediately to a dyno. It’s a 2013 with 20,000 Kms and it has a cold air intake, throttle body, off-road x pipe and a upper pulley I believe. It came with this already on it so I’m not sure what brands. Anyway just talking to the dyno guy and he told me these cars can’t really make over 600 rwhp safely without a full motor build. He definitely knows more about cars then I do, and I know your suppose to listen to your tuner... but does that seem low? Isn’t 600rwhp b
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