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  1. I looked at them, they dont make them in Brilliant Silver for the KR
  2. Has anyone put hood struts on their KR hood? If so, what brand? I am looking at the Redline version
  3. Where can a Radiator cover for the GT500KR be found like this or in Carbon Fiber?
  4. Where can someone find a radiator cover for the KR? Ive looked all over, Bang a Stang had them but the are no longer around. Any help?
  5. The tires will have the Goodyear "Winged Foot" with a circle around them on them. Standard tires for the GT500 in Goodyear did not have it. The treadwear is also different rating.If memory serves me correctly, 180 treadwear for the KR.
  6. As for it being a 40th and 427 package car , it is. 1 of 4 with 40th options and possible 1 of 1 or 2 with the 427 package. Seller does not have the stripes or emblems tho. They have the head rests and floor mats along with 2 tickets for the race. Short throw shifter, 605hp upgrade, big brake package. He made me a better buy it now price. I would much rather find one that has everything its supposed to have as it was when it was bought
  7. Steve said it was a legit Shelby. I called to see if the chin spoiler was still available to purchase. It is for $700. I was told same part # but not exact to the original but close. It is the same as the SS.
  8. Custom 67, What kind of documentation do you have? Are you original owner?
  9. It's a tuff decision on the white one. I called Steve at SAI and spoke with him. The chin spoiler has some small spidering on the front, it's not cracked, just spiders and 2 of the the center caps are cracked on the logo.
  10. I am looking at the 40th on Ebay right now. 07XL0178. it has both the 40th and 427 package with the shifter and 605hp package. Has a ford tuner with it. I was wondering if it was legit. I'm interested in possibly buying a nice 40th with the upgrade.
  11. What was done to the 40th anniversary cars to get 605 horsepower? I know this was an option. Just curious as to if another supercharger was installed or if it was just a pulley and a tune or just a tune?
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