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  1. in aligning my 2008 Gt500, I installed camber bolts, still not enough to bring into specs, car is lowered, 1.5in, so looking at camber plates, see them from $150 to 300 . anyone recommend a brand or type from experience? some look hard to access the adj bolts, other have a alum cover/cap, car is low mi, (15k) thx
  2. when I say 2.9 whipple, complete kit, TB, CIA. and dual fan/ dual pass intercooler, (heat exchanger) 1st dyno run was "smog legal" then I mentioned we don't have smog checks where I live, tuner said OK!!!!!! so more timing and fuel was added, still at 15lbs, and the HP went up substantially, ! . so when I say I'm respectful of what it is, I am really respectful of what damage it can cause, thx for the info, I guess that (driveshaft) and loop are in order. oh... are the stock axles next on the hit list? moser bolt in worth it?
  3. THX, this is not a beater, I respect the car for what it is, and can do, also respect that it is possible to destroy LOTS of parts, I enjoy it , but seldom drop the hammer on it, from a stop, seems alot of folks say I NEED a one piece drive shaft.
  4. I have a 2008 GT500 with mods, (whipple 2.9)and was told I should upgrade to one piece drive shaft, ford, or? ford is $611 on sale, did some laps at Las Vegas Speedway and was up to 140 mph, with no noticeable issues.
  5. was at Shelby America last sat (week ago) and was blown away by the display, all the cars you dreamed of, heard of, and thought about..... in one place! was there for cars and coffee, and will return! I'm 100 mi away, so makes for a nice drive, and fun when an unsuspecting sole wants an introduction to Shelby World! LOL
  6. initial posting said WILL NOT BE SAME HOTEL AS LAST YEAR! ALSO, will there be security for vehicles ,at the host hotel ( what ever hotel it is)
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