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  1. My stock brake pads put off excessive brake dust. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Who makes the best and can you get them already painted? Feel free to add your experience with them. Thank you
  3. Just looking to add some more cheap HP, just because i want to. Gonna put a cold air intake on it also. It has had headers, exhaust, and mufflers added already. It's been lowered and a BMR adjustable panrod added to the rear also, and tuned. And i have kept all original parts that have been taken off. I know i'll need to get it tuned again. Got the idea from Bitchin Rides.
  4. 4400 miles. If i use SEARCH? not sure exactly what i should search and are you talking search in Team Shelby?
  5. Anyone change their blower pulley to a smaller one? It appears you can't change crank pulley to a larger one, correct? If so, give details please. Thank you.
  6. Yea...saw them. There is another set thats new but at a ridiculous price. Thank you
  7. So they couldn't be bought from a Ford dealer with the Shelby tag on them correct? Only way to get mat with metal tag is if it had the Shelby conversion done to it in Vegas?
  8. They're not reproductions. Ford part # on back.
  9. SAI ? Sorry but i'm a new Shelby owner and don't know what that stands for. So you're saying that the mats with the tags are not Ford factory mats?
  10. Ok. I have a set of unopened Floor Mats, still in plastic bag, Ford Part # 7R33 6313005 BA3ZHE, that are plain black. I see a set on Ebay with same Ford part # but have the steel Shelby logo riveted to them. How can this be? Anyone have the answer? TXT.rtf
  11. Yes.. I have those and they are nice. Just don't have the originals. All i need for the car to be complete. Have only had it about 3 months. 4400 miles.
  12. Ok ... Were your front mats on your 07 just plain black? Thank you.
  13. Hmmmm, wonder what the logic behind that decision was? Thank you
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