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  1. This is not the new forum. Because we wanted to fix the error for you guys, we did an update to the forum, and spent time fixing some issues that caused. This is still the old forum, just has a new look.
  2. In my opinion, EVERYONE should have to learn to drive a manual.. BUT, for the majority of people in the US live and work in larger metropolitan cities and with those cities comes traffic. Add in that more cars have higher HP and Torque numbers now then they did 20 years ago which required a stiffer clutch... People just don't want to have to deal with that, and would rather just let the car do the shifting. Sad fact, in the next 15 years, the majority of cars on the road will be self driving cars. Its just whats going to happen... Car Culture is dying in the US. People care more about
  3. We arent working on this forum at all. We are moving to a new forum that will be on Shelby.com. Thats why the EX0 bug is still happening. Also SVTKeith is not having any issues. You guys were warned, and this came from the top... I was told to permanently ban him, but i fought against that so that he is only banned from Off Topic. Been trying to get your guys to understand, this is a corporate forum, and website. They are not going to tolerate the childish behavior.
  4. Just want to remind a couple people about Rule 2, since some of the comments are pushing the boundaries of that rule.. 2. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing. You don't like a car someone posts, skip that post. Don't like the motor, skip that post. Silence is golden at times. Don't like the subject of the post, don't read it.
  5. That was the time frame we were expecting to go live. We have been encountering a few technical difficulties that is delaying the change over. Once we have those worked out, we will do a fresh pull of data from the forums and new members, and let you guys know its happening. With the last pull of data, some of you have have/will receive an email from the new system saying your membership has/will expire. If you renew on the current site, it currently will not be shown on the new one, but will be updated during the final transition period. So please ignore that message for the time bein
  6. Not to bad... but it was a Pulley, Cat Delete, Injectors, E85 and a tune.
  7. There is this post, we sent emails to every member here letting them know whats happening...
  8. The new Team Shelby page isnt live yet. The goal is for next week, as we are fixing a couple issues that have come up as we brought in some people to test the new pages.
  9. We were going to close this forum, but we decided to keep it open. But everything posted here after monday morning will not make it to the new forum.
  10. Anyone else having issues? I am trying to resolve them as quick as i can.
  11. Updated. Please Claim your accounts on the new site in the link above.
  12. If you are talking about the Dodge dealership in California, and the 50 cars that were stolen.. I have some personal thoughts on that, but i dont think i should post them because of my position here. I will say some details dont add up with my experience in Car sales years ago. But again, that's my personal opinion.
  13. I am perfectly fine with discussions of other cars as long as it does not get into name calling.. If the discussion stops being civil, or turns into trash talking of members of the forum, or any brands.. Then i will step in. But, $48k for a car that just came out and retailed for $65K+ doesn't seem that far off. Will be interesting to see what the new owner does with this as there cant be many parts available to fix it.
  14. Goose... it isn't that sharing common interests is to be complicated. But when people are posting pictures of cars in this thread, and then posting those same pictures in another thread, it because duplicate content for you guys to have to figure out which thread you have replied to. To make things easier on you guys, we should stick to 1 off topic thread so that way posts are being duplicated across multiple places on the forum. The first "car" thread you created was fine till it started becoming political. Which was a violation of rule 7. I had also handled a couple of membe
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