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  1. I talked to him and all the Shelby tags/all the vin are there. He bought it in the mid 70’s, drove it. Blew up the engine. Parked it, got an engine built for it, had it painted in the mid 80’s and it’s been in his garage 30+ years.
  2. Ya that’s what I figured, I’ll ask him for pics, I’m positive he’s got them. I’ll mrssage you when I do. Thanks.
  3. Working on a jobsite, an older superintendent and I got into a talk about old muscle cars. Turns out he’s got a 67 gt500 that’s been in his garage for years, not the factory engine (blown up years before) but everything else is there 428/4spd. It’s running and all there. He wants to sell it. He knows what they’re worth, or says he does. I’m trying to help him sell it. What is it worth and who would be interested in the car? Thanks and any help would be appreciated. Get back to me if you guys can. Thanks again:)
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