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  1. Hi Steve, Our replies just crossed paths, I was replied to your previous post just now. Great News, you are correct, the dealership didn't mention anything about this and I felt as if I didn't call and say something they would not have said anything, hence the feeling I was in for a problem. As I said, I am glad to get this resolved and if it was all a big misunderstanding in the end at least others may learn from it and avoid such mistake in the future. Thanks, Michael
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "unwind the deal". In the state of Washington there is no buyers remorse policy like they have in California. I see my error for not doing my due diligence. Can't say more about this and as they say hindsight is 20/20. If what you say is true, this happens all the time in high end cars, it might be, but i have a hard time believing this happens all the time buying a new Shelby from a Ford dealership.
  3. First let me say that I love Shelby and what they stand for which is why I hope you can help me resolve this. Like many I always dreamed of having a Shelby one day. When I saw Shelby Raptor I was in love. You see my wife always wanted a truck, but I wanted a Mustang. The Shelby Raptor was the best of both worlds. So I saved and saved to finally make a purchase… Like many I choose to purchase from what I thought was a reputable Ford dealer in my city, Bill Pierre Ford in Seattle. There was nothing unusual about the purchase, they had about 4-5 to choose from. We selected the colo
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