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  1. Here's the original running pony with the light spatter issue that had been getting worse.
  2. I had an issue with my running pony puddle lamps and replaced them with these Cobra puddle lamps. I believe they are off a 2019 GT350. They are oriented at a bit of an angle but are much more "fitting" than the running pony. Has anyone else tried these or found anything else to replace the running pony?
  3. The official movie trailer dropped earlier this week. Looks amazing!
  4. I haven't owned my car for very long. Basically got it right before cold weather set in. Hoping to get it out of winter hibernation soon and see what it can do. I know the S550 GT350s are superior track cars to our S197 versions. How do we hold up on track vs the Boss 302? I haven't been able to find any comparisons or first hand info.
  5. Thanks for all the ideas. I have a thin wall socket on order that supposedly measures 1.07" diameter. My current 13/16th socket is 1.10". I'm hoping that's enough of a difference to allow me to use heat shrink vs electrical tape. Fingers crossed.
  6. I removed my wheels to decontaminate and coat with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armor. I was frustrated on how little room there is for a socket on the 2013/2014 Shelby wheels. I tried various different 13/16ths sockets. They all rubbed on at least a few lug nuts per wheel. I had to constantly add new electrical tape to the socket for protection to keep from marking up the wheels. Has anyone else had this issue and if so what did you do to resolve?
  7. That's a great story. Wish I could say the same about the ticket situation. I've probably had a half dozen or so. Most of them when I was much younger. I currently have a 2006 GTO with a Magnuson Supercharger. I've been able to avoid tickets so far with it although I did get a warning. I will likely be selling it once the Shelby gets here. Congrats on having a 66 and 2011 GT350. One of my dreams is to build a Tribute 66GT350. My wife and daughter want me to buy or restore a 66 Mustang Convertible first though.
  8. Sounds like you know the area fairly well. I'm actually in the small town of Peculiar, MO. It's about 20 miles South of Lees Summit. And yes, I'll be on the lookout. My first speeding ticket was the on ramp to I-70 heading back to Independence from Blue Springs.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! After further research it appears the Supercharged 2014 GT350 was available as 524HP with warranty or 624HP w/o warranty. Shelby is checking with Whipple to see if they can still supply the pulley and tune to get it up to 624HP. I'm currently dealing with Auto Transport Companies trying to get this car delivered. I was getting the runaround from one so switched to different one that came highly recommended. Once the car arrives I'll let everyone know my impressions. @mnstang...... I changed the region in my profile to
  10. I'm a new member. I am super excited about getting delivery of my new to me 2014 GT350 vert. The original owner opted for the 525hp supercharger. Do any of you know if these can be upgraded by Shelby to the 624hp version and what that entails? I have called Shelby a few times and have not heard back from them.
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