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  1. I want to replace my stock steering wheel airbag that has the mustang logo with the Cobra logo airbag (PN FR3Z-63043B13-AB) . Searching online, it seems this PN was discontinued. I saw a few other online references to a possible replacement HR3Z-63043B13-BF but not sure it has the cobra logo since most Ford parts sites don't list a picture. Any help would be appreciated in confirming the replacement PN. Thanks
  2. Agree. I used a pro detailer who had excellent recommendations. He uses a clay bar followed by buffing with the proper abrasive compound to remove all the swirl marks. Looks amazing.
  3. They mislabeled it as a GT350. My guess is the California sun and salt air has not been kind to the stripes so they were peeled off. https://www.cardinalegmc.com/vehicle-details/used-2016-ford-mustang-shelby-gt350-seaside-ca-id-26451259
  4. A tad expensive. You may also need to send them a video of your lamps not working...... I had to.
  5. Not following. Are you saying the Marti report was not worth purchasing? Bob
  6. Any drilling required? Are these bolt on?
  7. Yes, the vinyl stripes just peel off. I've see a few of the west coast cars with heavily deteriorated stripes. Could be fading due to exposure to strong sunlight over time. Bob
  8. Actually, I had no idea the projection was supposed to be the pony with Shelby and GT-H logo. The image projected from my lamps was so clouded I couldn't tell what it was suppose to be. The dealer just replaced them with the pony projection only lamps (no logo). I guess we'll need to go to Shelby to order the lamps with the pony and Shelby GT-H logo. Bob
  9. #154 just sold for 44k at Mecum Kissimmee 2019 https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0119-355211/2016-ford-shelby-gt-h/
  10. Good to know. Thanks. I wonder why Hertz didn't order the GT performance package to begin with?
  11. Any thoughts on whether changing the stock brakes to brembo would detract from the GT-H value?
  12. Here's another at $56k http://www.viperexchange.com/vehicle-details/2016-ford-mustang-hertz-gt-h-edition--33-gt-h-premium-tx-id-26512091
  13. Nice........ I won't even ask how much it cost to ship it there..........Enjoy! Bob
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