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  1. Is anyone participating in the car show Sunday and if so are you using a detailing company sat night? Not much time if your doing the track on Saturday to get the car cleaned up for Sunday. thx, dave
  2. Hey there, New to this event how many roughly are meeting for the ride down? I live in discovery bay and was planning on leaving at 0500 which should put me in the area around the same time. Thanks dave
  3. Had this kit on my 2013 gt premium before buying my Shelby. Looks it was awesome, got repeated looks and compliments everywhere I went. negatives very pricey to prep, paint and install cost me 1700 dollars... the sound is great, however after a while when the excitement wears off the sound is pulsating inside. Forget conversations and expect headaches from time to time it was that bad. for my Shelby I bought the same kit minus the side exhaust cut out as the kit itself is sweet. I have a full American racing exhaust on my Shelby with boss 302 cut outs with a switch under the das
  4. Just found one at steeda. Not sure of the fit still looking into it.
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