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  1. Letters I got them from @bemarosf on instagram he has sent me outlines for the snakes as well just have not got them on his name is Benjamin Roman and owns BEMARO, Inc he does graphics, PPF, Stripes, and Ceramic coating his is amazing at what he does. He will actually travel to you and do the work at your location. I have been unhappy with who did my PPF so this winter I'm having him come and do my PPF over he will do it in my garage. Said it will take like 3 days as he is doing the whole car, I'm letting him stay in my spare room to save on cost. A great guy he is from California but don't ho
  2. really nice got 2200 miles on mine and tracked it twice already, you will not be disappointed at all. They are meant to be driven and driven with vigor so get her broke in and get her out on the roads.
  3. Just a couple pics for an update I got her PPF full car installed a couple CF parts. Now just need to get this other stuff cleared up in the US to take her out and enjoy her.
  4. I registered the registration is easy and very well explained. Can’t wait to see everyone there
  5. 1. Click bait from You Tuber he through the code out of mid management of breaking and launch control. 2. SpeedPhenome you tuber he has really been using his car has ran it on at least 4 strips several passes each plus tracked it at least twice already within a month of ownership. Some click bait in this post as he did overheat clutch dragging it but it is designed to through a code and limit torque for safety when it does he tried to slip the DCT for launch to hard code cleared and he has ran it at strip since. 3. this does appear to be a quality control issue out of flat roc
  6. I like it so far I think I like the sport and track settings the best. I also was surprised how much I like the start in quiet mode and then select which exhaust mode you want to drive in
  7. Put 100 miles on it yesterday not much and it was in low 40s so to cold to stretch her legs much. The transmission shifts are unbelievable, ride is so great, the HUD shift lights are very nice, it sounds absolutely awesome. It’s going to be a little while till I can give opinion on power but in only 100 miles I can already tell I will not regret giving up my 2013 for the 2020.
  8. I thought that too but I like the look really it has just enough cobras and GT500 on it.
  9. All, picked mine up tonight after landing from vacation it was wet so just took her home and parked her.
  10. No helmet bothered me as well. I’m normally not a huge you tube fan or fan of his but he is so honestly excited and happy just great to see genuine passion and good for him can’t wait to get mine if I’m as excited as he is it’s a huge win for ford. Forget times, weight, all the other BS have people truly enjoy the car is what matters.
  11. I’m coming from the DC area I remember one year a bunch of people met up along the way picking up cars as we drove at designated locations I hope we figure that out again then roll into Vegas as a group. Looks like you are on pacific coast.
  12. Yes hearing that it’s going to be after first of year before we would get ours. Not sure they will deliver any before then. Mr Jackson VIN001 has not received his yet and he paid 1 million plus for his. It’s alright just need it before the bash in March.
  13. Me too Wayne still not shipped built since 10/30. The story right now is it’s a software issue they found on all cars produced before 11/3. Seen pictures of them being moved to a heated storage warehouse while they fix the problem. Rumor has it those of us with the quality problem will most likely not see cars until after Jan 6th. Good news is we are getting one just later then we wanted
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