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  1. I own a 2014 GT350 and I was wondering if anyone has installed a strut tower brace on their car? If so what brand? Thanks ahead of time for your help.
  2. I bought my my 2014 GT350 with 273 miles on it in March. I have the Whipple 525 HP Chrome Whipple S/C and all the other options u have listed. My car is one of the recall cars (airbags). I paid $50,500 for it. They. wanted $63,500 for it when we started the four month negotiations last fall. I now have 1900 miles on it and I love it.
  3. Did you ever get your hood struts installed?
  4. Thanks for the great suggestions, does SA offer a CAI?
  5. It's deep impact blue, the garage was poorly lighted. It is the 525. And thank you.
  6. I just purchase a 2014 GT350, super excited! Seven months of negotiations. I can't wait to it gets nice out so I can get out and drive. Any suggestions on mods.
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