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  1. Can anyone help on this? I now know it was shipped by USPS and pretty likely my package was stolen since the website said it was delivered a week ago. Am I missing out on a welcome kit of some sort or is this my shelby bash tickets??
  2. Hey all Got an email giving me notification of recent items shipped (Feb 9) but have not received anything. At bottom of the email it states 1X Team Shelby Mountain Region. I even got a tracking number but no shipping method was shown. Tried putting the number into UPS but got nothing. Tried to reply to email and it bounced back. We did sign up for different events for the Shelby Bash 2018. Any ideas???
  3. Concerning the tickets for the event. I tried to order for Sunday only but it keeps putting my wife and myself down for $100 each minus the $25 discount. What exactly is the $100 ticket getting me? Sorry to be such a newbie, but I guess that's because I am. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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