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  1. P7M8

    Michelin PS4S

    Tires mounted today. Night and day difference. It's a completely different car. Went out for a quick errand this evening after the car had been sitting for a few hours. With the F1s I would have had to wait to get the tires warmed up before getting on the throttle. Plus it was raining. I didn't have to worry about the tires not performing. Glad I made the upgrade.
  2. I have the mid pipes and mufflers off of my 2011 available.
  3. Does anyone with the glass roof option ever have a problem with the shade not opening? At first I thought it was cold weather but I've been able to open it when it's cold outside. It's an intermittent problem. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this or knows why it does this.
  4. P7M8

    Michelin PS4S

    Or, what about 285s all the way around?
  5. After researching a bit I've decided to replace the stock hockey pucks with Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss. I need a tire that can handle daily driving, rain and occasional dips below 50*. It's going to stay in the 40s the next few days and it's wet. I think we're in for a lot of that this winter in Southeastern Louisiana. Michelin does not offer OEM size for an '11 SVTPP in the front. Going with stock 285/35/20 size in the back. Need opinions on the fronts. 265/35/19 or 275/35/19? I'd rather the 275s but is that enough size difference between the front and back for the staggered size set-up. T
  6. I've read that strut and shock tower braces aren't needed on these cars. I beg to differ. Today while cruising on the interstate at about 80mph a woman in an SUV abruptly cut over into my lane. I had to veer right to avoid her hitting me. As soon as I got into the next lane I cut the wheel back left. The car felt like it was glued to the road with very little roll. I feel that had I not had the braces I probably would have lost it and it wouldn't have been pretty. They paid for themselves today. I mainly got the strut tower brace for looks and wanted to match it in the rear. Glad I did.
  7. Type of system I have is in the thread title. I just want to upgrade the speakers. Nothing more. Thanks though for the detailed response.
  8. Should they be installed in tandem or can you do one then another at a later date?
  9. Are you saying my Shelby isn't loud enough that I can still hear the stereo?
  10. Many have said the Shaker system is the best stock stereo they've heard. That being said, has anyone upgraded the speakers? That's usually what I do to a stock system. The speakers look cheap. If you've upgraded the speakers do you notice a difference?
  11. What do y'all think about this? What kind of gear box does a 2011 have?
  12. P7M8

    First Mustang

    Thanks. I can feel things getting out of hand quickly. It's similar to modding up my F250 but on a different scale.
  13. Basic production Shelby. I guess I don't have one.
  14. and occasionally getting on it. I'm in southeastern Louisiana. We get cold for maybe a few weeks in January/February. I need a year round tire and I don't want to replace it every year. I know it's a trade off with the vehicle we drive so I'm not expecting 35-50k life but need something a bit more practical than the F1 that came on it. I don't want to change the rims so I'm sticking with the 19" front 20" rear.
  15. NAPA has Castrol Edge 5W50 on sale for $5.79. Tires are good. The car was garage kept so it didn't have the sun beating down on it. The tires were one of the first things I looked at. Bringing it to a local shop that I trust for the oil change. They're going to check everything else out. I may go with the Ford Racing Filter. Found a killer deal on MBRP cat back exhausts on Amazon. I was just browsing but couldn't pass up the deal. Thanks for the responses.
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