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  1. Does anyone know what size TB we have? Considering getting a CAI and tune Has anyone installed a CAI on theirs?
  2. Has anyone else having issues with their Supercharger belt either tearing or slipping? I noticed not too long after getting my 2014, that the Supercharger belt was tearing due to I believe an alignment issue or an idler pulley issue. I think this was the result of Shelby switching to a smaller pulley when they upgraded to the 624 upgrade. Someone mentioned switching from the 76mm idler pulleys to a 100mm and 90mm pulleys. The problem is that nobody carries the 6 rib idler pulleys in those sizes any longer. Maybe adding a shim to one or both pulleys or upgrading to a 10 rib setup may be a
  3. I would like to know why we were not provided with the Pro-cal Tuner that was used to tune our vehicles. The only thing I was given when I purchased mine was the Sim Card that holds the Tune.
  4. Since it was installed by Shelby America, I would think they would cover that since it was not installed properly to begin with.
  5. I have a 14 GT350 with less than 1500 miles, and already noticed the Supercharger belt has a tear on one side due to one of the pulleys being out of alignment I assume. Has anyone else had this issue?Should this be covered under warranty?
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