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  1. Thanks I borrowed the wheel style from the 427 & Daytona Coupe
  2. I like the 71-73 body style too but I think they are heavier
  3. Thanks, 69-70 was always my favorite Mustang and Shelby was the best of course. Have to install new steering box cus current one is garbage
  4. Love iced tea especially peach
  5. This info is from local Cops as I stated before . Most of these looters aren’t geniuses, Prob out joy riding. Others may forge a title or sell the high $ ones overseas. Asia is a ripe market for stolen big $ cars.
  6. No, it’s what Cops are telling me here in Miami. It’s a lot more dangerous than before June 1. These jerks have been given license to steal & vandalize in every major city by their Masters.
  7. Starving people would be looting the supermarket. Not big screen TV, iPhones, Gucci, Prada, Fendi etc. and stealing high end cars
  8. These looters aren’t just stealing Gucci, Prada, Fendi, & Rolex from Malls.They’re also stealing a lot more nice cars. Make sure nobody is following you home.I’m just driving my pick up & SUV till Nov
  9. Had to redo a few mistakes last mechanic made. Now she’s finally back home again.
  10. Yes, I agree. I added Eibach springs to lower her. Mechanic cutting a coil out of front springs now. I removed mufflers too but she’s still not as loud as I want maybe I give her headers too.
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