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  1. Hello, Has the production numbers build chart been released for the 2015-2017 Shelby GTE? Thanks!
  2. Ford may offer a Drift Stick as an option for the Mustang with electronic ebrake. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a13127815/ford-focus-rs-drift-stick-handbrake/
  3. As a Shelby Charger owner, it is sad to hear the leaving of the last Shelby Dodge. Interesting to hear the GLHS was able to cherish 10 years at the Shelby American Museum being privately owned. I always enjoyed viewing the Shelby Charger, GLHS, and the Shelby Dakota on the floor but onward to seeing other exciting vehicles in the Showroom/Museum.
  4. There are always a small group of Mustangs that show up for the Vintage Car Club. http://www.classicrockcruisein.com/
  5. How important is the manual for you? Otherwise, it sounds like the GT-H matches your color options and includes the premium package. One option not listed is to wait and see what SAI does with the GTE for 2018 redesign, though this will likely not be your cheapest option.
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