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  1. I'm local too JeffJ, just seeing if anyone in the area has the same idea.
  2. I am for one, may go! Anybody meeting up at a location before traveling to the venue?
  3. Hey everyone, I have this question that might of been asked before but since I'm fairly new I wanted to get peoples opinions on the matter. I currently have stock headers and H-pipe on my 2012 shelby but upgraded the axle mid pipes and exhaust back mufflers to Borla S-types. I've had them on the car for about 5 months now and don't get me wrong I think they sound great, but I still feel like they don't have that deeper classic muscle tone that I've heard from other mufflers. Loudness is great but falls a little short to my standards. I think they could be just a tad bit more louder b
  4. Welcome to TeamShelby! Please post pics when you can.
  5. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge if a nav from a 2013 shelby will work on a 2012 shelby stock shaker stereo setup?
  6. Awesome, this is all very nice information and thanks to all. Keep 'em coming.
  7. Welcome to the club. Beautiful Black ride and congrats on the new purchase.
  8. I'm in the boulder county area, is there any members in the area?
  9. Marco3D

    New Member

    Welcome to board...pictures??? As far as the stock mid pipes I believe they do have resonators since I just had mine changed out for Borla over axle backs with S-Type Mufflers which I personally think was the best choice. I've only had them on for about two months and they have greatly set in over time and sound better now than day 1 install.
  10. Thanks everyone. Here's my baby, so far I've added Borla axle backs with Borla S-Type exhaust mufflers and lowered.
  11. Hello everyone, even though I'm a new member to forum I've always kept my eye on the forums and so happy to finally to have registered. I'm also a proud owner of my first shelby which is a 2012 Kona Blue Shelby GT500 purchased in February 2016.
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