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  1. Are you thinking of getting one? I seen the GT-E unveil in Indy. Good looking car. I'm sure Chris Rudy could answer all these questions for you. I've only seen the vinyl stripes but maybe you could get them painted. On the 2017 SS it's a $7g + option for painted stripes. The leather seats are amazing if you have either standard or Recaro. Katzkin is the leather and it very nice. Lots of seat options.
  2. Who doesn't love a fat A$$. I've seen a few wide body kits on the S550 Shelby has by far exceeded anyone expectations. Hats off to Shelby American. Now what's it cost? So we can all have a Widebody!
  3. Tickets bought! Now counting down the days! So EXCITED! Driving from Michigan. Any one else driving from this area?
  4. Perfect gift for a Great Guy! And his Birthday weekend to boot. ??Happy Bitrhday Richard! ?? Go Team Shelby!
  5. GeForces are you selling your Super Snake also?
  6. They should have called it the new GTS. Sounds better that GTE. Maybe there saving the GTS for another time.
  7. Has anyone ordered a GTE yet? Color? Options? CSM?
  8. Spotted CSM 16H0032 plate #DLW 8513 @ Woodard Dream Cruiz. On 08/20/20016
  9. Any One from Team Shelby attending the Dream cruise August 20th?
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