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  1. hopefully, they'll have more than one because i'm looking to rent one for that event also.
  2. yeah, they wont be available to rent until memorial day. i assume that means to reserve, as well.
  3. seriously, guy... give it a break. you're not funny and its bordering on infatuation.
  4. yeah, their website is a nightmare to navigate. their information architect should be fired. here's where i saw it... https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/vehicleguide/index.jsp?targetPage=vehicleGuideHomeView.jsp&countryCode=US&category=Adrenaline%20Collection.
  5. 8.7 to be exact (assuming equal number to all locations, which is not likely).
  6. A GT500 is definitely not a starter car, unless you don't like the kid.
  7. i found it listed in the adrenaline collection on the hertz website, but obviously you can't reserve one yet.
  8. i know folks are going to mistake my comments as negative, but i hope they dont leave that badge in that location. it looks bad there. like a complete afterthought. its hard not to leave well enough alone but less is more and doesnt look right at all. any designer will tell you to line things up on an invisible grid and either center things or offset them, asymmetrically, but not both.
  9. you can spray it down. obviously, it has to say mass airflow sensor cleaner on the label.
  10. why? you're a very successful troll, minus the poor grammer and inability to spell "lose" correctly. keep trying... you'll get it someday.
  11. i didnt hi-jack anything. its an open forum. quit your crying already.
  12. of course i do, but this is getting ridiculous. if SAI flips the script and post-title mods a car and badges it a GT500, i'll lose my mind. i'm getting to where i hate the Shelby story, with the whole Ford Performance/SVT versus Shelby American thing. it's polarizing and theres no real rhyme or reason to what SAI is doing in relation to what Ford is doing. i appreciate what Carroll stood for and the cars he had a hand in conceiving, but the rest of it can all go to hell. everyone will have a different story to tell about today's Shelbys and it will have to be explained in great depth for anyon
  13. i cant help but think it will devalue them. there was a 40 year span between the 1st and 2nd generation and now just 10 years later for the 3rd?
  14. no, i meant SAI would try supercharging the GT350 and badge it a GT350SC (nothing to do with Hertz). thats really their only option with that car since there's already a GT350R and not much else they could do to try and enhance perfornance. glad they didnt though, because it would have defeated the intent of that car as a normally aspirated V8. agree, Hertz cars from 06/07 are very tame. new ones should follow suit since, in theory, anyone could rent one (though we know thats not possible).
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