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  1. Go with a Carb compliant set of shorty headers JBA Headers. These headers are legal in Calif and bad ass compared the stock headers. Pertronix Performance Products. Executive Order D-57-33. I do have a set of factory exhaust headers if you want to go in that direction. They will bolt up to factory exhaust.
  2. Did you finally sale the GT book or is it still available? Thanks
  3. Lynno


    I found a 1966 Mustang that had factory Guardsman Blue. I also found a company that makes touch up paint that is spot on to the original color. Now I can touch up my cap set and any other Shelby accessory.
  4. For those that would like to know the Color of the paint on the Shelby Cap set it is Guardman Blue. Thanks
  5. Very Sorry, but glad you both are ok. I know the feeling of wrecking my car. I had a collision on the track, but was able to rebuild and save my 07SGT. Get something new and have more fun.
  6. Anyone install the pedal set from Shelby. Brake, clutch, and gas pedals. I am going to install on 2007 SGT. Just looking for any good shortcuts or installation instructions. Thanks.
  7. Yes, any Shelby GT goodies would be nice. Let me know how the progress is going. Will be part of this
  8. I have a SGT and two years ago I installed this tube. Now the tube is cracking and had to remove it and install my factory inlet tube. Has anyone experienced this on their Steeda carbon fiber tube. I called Steeda and they will sell me a new one but will not stand behind the product or at least give me a break on replacing the tube for a new one. Can anyone suggest a better inlet tube? Or reference me to someone that can help me get through to someone at Steeda. Thanks.
  9. Are you going to make it to Thunder Hill in two weeks? I will be there is support not driving this time
  10. Jer trying to PM you about the hood. Please contact me . Thanks Lynno
  11. I have two new in the box stock grills in my possession. I would be glad to give one up for your build. Let me know. You can PM me. Thanks.
  12. That's going to be sweet. Up the HP and torque. Now to have to learn how to drive with all that power. I am sure it will not take you long.
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