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  1. I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger on an SC upgrade 40K+ miles ago, and can attest to carnut's good advise. I requested the stock KB tune even though the tuner offered to get more HP. I'm at 475 hp, plenty enough to break loose when I want, and it still scares the crap out of me when I row hard.
  2. A woman in her late 60's/early 70's stopped by my car last summer at a car show in Burlington, Ontario. We chatted for a while. She knew the history of my car (Shelby GT), and claimed to be Aaron's mother, proud of the direction he is taking. I can't remember her name (my problem with age). She has a home here in Burlington and visits in the summer. Can anyone shed any light?
  3. Show cancelled until next year due to C-19.
  4. Old school website. Was supposed to have been changed over to a more robust platform months ago, at least what was announced.
  5. Closest one to you is in the Netherlands, which is closer than many of us here in the states have to travel. https://www.shelby.com/en-us/Global-Network
  6. 245, or maybe 255 max. It's an 8'5 wheel. I have 265's on 9" fronts and 295's on 10" rears, and was told that's the max I could put on safely.
  7. Can you show us a photo of the broken one, hopefully in detail?
  8. I have 295's on 10" deep-dish bullitts, no rub. I know of others with 305's but that's pushing it on a 10" and they poke a little beyond the well opening. Traction can be problem on an SC, hence the even wider tires (that still cut loose). I believe 255's fit an 8.5" wheel, but that's it. Also tire width/traction depends on what type of SC you have. A paxton kicks in at higher rev's (less initial wheel spin) whereas a KB or Whipple is immediate. Welcome to the "does it ever end" paradox. Add more power and other things need to be changed for better performance.
  9. Agreed, I think your good to go with just tape. And if I'm not mistaken, the pins are push in. You don't need to access from the interior. Which is what I thought when I replaced them with the Cervini scoops.
  10. Yep that's the right tape. You'll need activator too. You don't necessarily need pins. I replaced my side scoops with Cervini's and added upper scoops, both only attached by 3M tape, and I've had my car up to 130 several times and nothing came off. Take a screen shot of the clips and take it to autozone or a similar store. Shouldn't cost but a few bucks.
  11. I don't have a problem with mine, and haven't heard of this issue before. Do some research. Search for California Special side scoops clips x2. A local autostore might have what your looking for, just use the broken clip to compare sizing. Tedious to clean off the adhesives (a must do), but easy to put back on with new clips and 3M double sided. Peel the corners of the 3M out an inch or two on each strip so the remaining doesn't stick, line up the two clips and press until almost all the way in. Pull the strips off the 3M. Press lightly and squarely for contact and make sure its corr
  12. Ask in the Mountain region, you might find an answer there. https://www.teamshelby.com/forum/99-mountain-region/
  13. On-line registration is open for the Ford Stampede, July 26, 2020. They're expecting 500+ cars and trucks, but mostly Mustangs and Shelby's. www.fordstampede.ca
  14. My Pilot Super Sports do surprisingly well in the rain. I don't have any issues with quarter rash. I too had my mods done at Sean Hyland, and he actually recommended the Pilot SS's when I asked him what would be the best tire upgrade for my car 07 SGT/SC (in 2015). I upgraded my wheels to a staggered 9/10 and got 275 and 295's. Do check the date code on the actual tires you're purchasing, you don't want anything older than a year. Remember to get your rubber warm before you start pushing your baby. My first "giddy up" usually entails just wheel spin to "clean" the tire surf
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