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  1. Now that is an explanation, thanks very much. Trav.
  2. Thanks for the info. Mine is roughly the same. I thought I read somewhere that the pressure should be higher at cruise and idle but maybe not!! Trav.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering what everyone elses fuel pressure gauge reads at idle, at cruise, and when under extreme torment? Trav.
  4. Hi all, Just an update. The second guy I was recommended is an absolute legend, really new his stuff when it comes to the 5.4 engines and especially the differences from the American to Australian engines. He worked pretty much solid for four days on the car trying to sort out the issues we had. he found all sorts of things done incorrectly, mainly vacuum lines in the wrong spots etc. The car had a really bad stumble from take off and now it is smooth and very easy to drive. He has the car making 689HP at the wheels with 890nm of torque. Are these figures roughly what you guys are getting? I
  5. CSM07SS136 is now in Perth Western Australia. Looks much better with the wheel on the opposite side!! Trav.
  6. I have done some digging today and you are 100% correct Phill. Our fuels are rated differently and our 98 is closer to somewhere between 92-95. That does make it difficult tuning the cars especially my Super Snake. I have been to a different guy today and he knows alot more about the American engines and he really seemed to know what he was talking about. Took the car for a drive and straight away picked what I was talking about and it's booked in with him next Wednesday. He has tuned a few Shelby's including KR's and one other Super Snake and has alot of info through SCT. Fingures crossed he
  7. I am not sure to be honest. The vacuum controlled waste gate arrangement is there but he was talking about another solenoid. May be they are removed at Shelby? He showed me one that he had taken off a motor that had come from the US, which is obviously from an older motor. That is an interesting point you have bought up with the fuels. I wonder how I would find out the actual octane level of our fuel? I only use BP in all my cars which is supposed to be the best, you would think the ratings would be the same all over the world??? I suppose that would be too easy..... Trav.
  8. Hi all, Another question from the SS newbie from down under.... I have had the SS at a Ford custom tuners here in Western Australia over the last few days trying to get the car running correctly. The guy at the shop noticed that there is no Boost regulator solenoid on the car which he found unusual compared the GT500's he's has tuned in the past. My question, is this removed when the SS mods are done?? My car has been changed a little from new with the inclusion of 3.6Kb water cooled blower, and maybe it was removed when that was fitted? Looking at a few photos of engine bays on the forum,
  9. Cool.... I have put it on the passengers side which is the left hand side of normal vehicles!!! Hahaha. Thanks Trav
  10. Thanks guys. When you say on the visor, you mean on the back on the flap for the mirror? Passenger side or drivers side? I am glad it was never put on as the drivers side has changed now!!! Trav.
  11. Hi, Just going through all the things I received with my car when I bought it, and found an envelope with a few different badges and bits in it. It has a signed Caroll Shelby badge, a smaller hard 427 badge and a dog tag, which all have never been fitted to the car. Can some one tell me where these are supposed to be fitted on the car? Reading a few other threads I gather the signed one goes on a visor? The other on the fuse box in the engine bay? It had also never had the 427 striping fitted to the lower section behind the doors but I have these also. Thanks. Trav.
  12. Hi Rob, I went to a car show last Saturday and you could have knocked me down with a feather, but there was a sliver Super Snake the same as mine except mine being Black!!! Talk about wearing the same dress to the formal!! There are a few good sites for cars, and there is a few well priced cars around at the moment. Try these: www.fordmusclecars.com.au and : www.australianmusclecarsales.com.au I hope that helps mate. Trav.
  13. That's great information, Thanks alot Blake. Trav.
  14. HI, I am relieved to hear that there is an issue!! I have my 2007 Super Snake hear in Perth Western Australia with exactly these issues. I thought I was loosing the plot!! A little trip to the hoist I think!!! Trav.
  15. Viper Nc, Thanks for the info. Can you tell me which part of the fuel filler, and would I be able to get that form a Ford dealer over there, or is it an aftermarket mod? I will try find the thread in the mean time. Trav.
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