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  1. Agree that it is frustrating that it persists.
  2. You could check with Mustang Club of America web site to see if there are any clubs in the area that might be able to help.
  3. How many of this Limited Edition are they making?
  4. After 8 years of complete disassembly and restoration, the 66 felt very healthy with the rebuilt HIPO and Paxton (not original production, added in the 1980s). I had my mechanic do the test with the warning that any breakage was on him or parts and labor.
  5. Nice toys in your barn. It is true about seeing many o the classic ones on the road much.. For me it is a case as a senior citizen to drive the 2011 more than the 1966 due to all the modern comforts and ease of driving. The 66 takes a bit of arm wrestling and my legs get tired of the clutch shifting in heavy traffic. I am more likely to take the wife's red 1965 GT convertible to a cruise night and the 2011 GT350 on a club cruise. To see a bunch of early Shelby rides, I just go to a SAAC national convention when I can. Oddly enough, despite the thousands produced, I do not see a l
  6. I have the same issue with my original 66 GT350 which I have owned since 1982. Solved it by changing the license plate to respond in advance to the two most common questions that I get: "Real 66" is the answer on the car.😎
  7. It will cost low six figures to bring back to life and could be worth it if the new owner is able to put in a lot o the time and labor themselves and since if it is original and has the original drive train. It will definitely be fu to enjoy when done. Otherwise, buy it, clean it up and flip it to an interested party that would like to restore it. 😎
  8. Does it still have the original engine and drive train? Looks like engine and trans are missing from the car.
  9. Record the Ford VIN and send it to the SAAC 1965 Shelby registrar, Howard Pardee at: saachp@snet.net to verify the car.
  10. I believe that it should be compulsory eating for TV viewing of "Ford v Ferrari".
  11. Checking the information on the other site will continue to give more of the answers that you require. Lots of knowledgeable people that have these systems. Also, look at the photos on the Paradise Wheels site as it may show all the parts. 😎
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