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  1. I picked up this Pit Shirt @ Shelby store in Vegas before NASCAR weekend... http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/ts-cso603t7.htm Can't believe all the Shelby/Mustang owners at the track who admired it! Heard lotsa stories from all over USA
  2. That is AWESOME! Have you to do anything other than regular maintenance over the years?
  3. I see they are for 10-14 models. Would be nice to see them for the 07-09 also. I've been looking for a set at a reasonable price for years.
  4. Emailing won't work either...tried twice, still waiting since Jan 27th
  5. No prob...the dealer might have tuned it back to stock before selling...get the tuner from VMP with the custom tune and you should be gtg
  6. The handheld should have come with thhttp://www.vmpperformance.com/07-12-Shelby-GT500-Custom-SCT-X4-JLT-123MM-Plasti-p/gt500jlt123pak.htme vehicle as it is married to it...see if you can get it, or get 1 from VMP...I got this setup from them + the 67mm throttlebody and I get 14psi on my 07... http://www.vmpperformance.com/07-12-Shelby-GT500-Custom-SCT-X4-JLT-123MM-Plasti-p/gt500jlt123pak.htm
  7. Do you have the handheld, and who is the tuner?
  8. I hit this a couple years ago on the way up to Wisconsin from Vegas... http://sturgismustangrally.com/ Nice run through the Black Hills/Deadwood etc...
  9. Yeah that was a good 1 too! Your vid on that was great also!
  10. This year's Bash seemed like a great success! Unfortunately, due to NASCAR commitments with family, I could not participate in all the events of the Bash. I did however make it to the track lunch on Friday. WOW! What a nice display of Shelby cars! After the lunch (Good job chef) I did manage to hastily take a video around the lot. For any who views this clip...Post your # ! Mine is #104 Obviously)
  11. Nice video! Were you @ the rally in Sturgis a couple years ago? I followed a car like yours around there.
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