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  1. I need a set for my car. That is the piece that was not ordered with the car that I want the most. If anyone has one for sale or knows of one I would love that information. Thanks, Tony
  2. Steve. Is there anyway we can get the stripe template files from Shelby. I am thinking about getting reverse vinyl cut so I can have the stripes painted on. Thanks
  3. Steve, thanks for your help. I will give them a call tony
  4. Steve,  what I would really like to find for my 2013 gt350 is the Shelby lighted door sills. Are any of those available?

  5. Thanks. I will get one ordered. Mine has turned brown in some areas. Less than. 8000 miles on the car and always inside. I hope it won’t happen with a new set.
  6. Who makes the stripe kits for our cars? What are my options for getting one. I need the metallic blue. Thanks
  7. Does anyone have a paint color code if I decide to have them painted?
  8. I may have a professional remove them. I meant to say stripe delete. Three of my sports cars have stripes. I think the gt350 would look cool stripe deleted. Has anyone stripe deleted. Thanks
  9. My stripes have stains for some reason. I am trying to decide if I should just remove them or get new stripes. Has anyone removed theirs?
  10. 11.2 @ 128 mph. I have done an auto swap, a forged short block and a built rear end. I will probably change blowers soon. I am on the smallest pulley 2.75”. It’s hard to go fast in Colorado.
  11. I have modded mine quit a bit. It’s a very cool car enjoy it.
  12. A street/strip car is the idea. First the car needs to remain street. My wife probably drives our sports cars more than me and we have six daughters that love riding in the cool cars. I have road raced and loved it but I like drag racing even more. I can’t think of a cooler car to do this with.
  13. The car ran great. I need to get the 60’ down. 1.8 60’ 11.2 @128mph.
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