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  1. If you need a shop with lift, all the tools and equipment to work on your car. You can use this discount code “AUG15” to receive $15 an hour (Originally $25) to use a lift and all the tools. Valid on Monday thru Thursday last day to use it is the end of August. More information can be found on www.urdreamgarage.com For questions, email: info@urdreamgarage.com Enjoy
  2. Hey Guys, I just wanted to post something maybe to help you guys in the So Cal area. I live in an apartment and it’s really hard to work on my car (lack of space!!). I was browsing the internet and found a DIY (Do It Yourself) garage. I remember this style of garage in the military. You pay for a lift or a space and they provide all the tools (air tools, specialty tools, ETC). I took my car in on a Saturday for an easy oil change (to scope out the place); I was greeted by a friendly staff that welcomed me even though I didn’t make an appointment. It was awesome lifting the car and not having
  3. Special Discount price at Your Dream Garage DIY Auto Shop $100 for 6 hours lift and tool rental, $150 for 10 hours lift and tool rental. Discount apply on Monday thru Thursday before 6PM from 10/20/2014 to 11/20/2014. Appointment must be made either online or by phone. www.urdreamgarage.com or by phone 626 383 3233 Questions please email: info@urdreamgarage.com
  4. Wanted to share a special rate from Your Dream Garage Do It Yourself Shop. It is in Baldwin Park, 20 miles east of Los Angeles. ONLY $150/day with Lift and Tool! DIY Garage happy hour deal in september. All Monday to Wednesday in September will have happy hour from 8AM to 6PM 10Hours for $150 including a lift and all the tools. Reservation can be made online www.urdreamgarage.com or by phone 626 338 6325 The maximum number of cars can share a bay is 3. Any further questions you can email them: info@urdreamgarage.com
  5. There is a 50% off end of the year special Coupon code at Your Dream Garage DIY Auto Shop in baldwin Park. The coupon code "EDYR13" need to be used at the time when making an appointment. It is good from 12/24/2013 to 1/1/2014 A great chance to work on your car at a very low cost with all the tools provided, as well as equipment and lifts.
  6. Your Dream Garage Do It Yourself Auto Shop will have a cyber Monday special at Baldwin Park on 12/1 and 12/2/13 a full day stall rental will be $75 and a full day lift rental will be $150 Cyber Monday Special Lift Rate: $50 for 3 hours, $80 for 6 hours, $150 for 12 hours. Cyber Monday Special Stall Rate: $30 for 3 hours! $50 for 6 hours!! $75 for 12 hours. Rent a bay with all the necessary tools included , air power tools, alldata, gloves, WD40, coverall... you have to make an appoint with the coupon code before 11/30 to get the deal discount code: CYMON13 You can make your appoin
  7. I just want to let you guys know that I found this place called Your Dream Garage DIY Auto Shop to extremely useful. I have not seen any other ones in LA area. I believe this can be very helpful to many of you. They rent bays with lift and tools so you can work on your own car there. check them out if you need it. www.urdreamgarage.com www.facebook.com/Yourdreamgarage
  8. Just wanted to share that your dream garage do it yourself garage is having a grand opening and seems like there ll be super cars, just wondering if anyone wanted to go check them out. This is the FB event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/189812511177612/
  9. Looks like they are having a grand opening event next week. Might be a good time to check it out.
  10. I actually found this on porsche forum this place called Your Dream Garage do it yourself garage in Baldwin Park. It looks like a nice shop. They do actually rent tools equipment even lifts. Just incase if anyone wanted to check them out www.urdreamgarage.com It looks like it is the only only one in Los Angeles.
  11. Does anyone know if there s any place which will rent tools and space for you to work on your own cars in Los Angeles near SGV? I'm looking for a place like that to make it easier to work on my car. Right now I d like to get a couple of things done before my Willowsprings weekend. Something like a self-serve garage or DIY garage. Any info would be very helpful. Thx!
  12. Hi Everyone, Im an auto enthusiast from California, This forum looks like a very nice place to discuss about cars.
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