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  1. Does it have cats? If not, then that’s why.
  2. Doesn't really matter does it? And theres no way to get the VINs of those cars, the owners would have to draw the same conclusion you did on production figures.
  3. Nope. Just helping out those in this thread. Forum requires an asking price.
  4. They’re also on eBay for like $260 I think
  5. Engine is in the GT500 without the flat plane. Trans is in the Mach 1
  6. It’s based off the S550 sharing a ton of parts from the GT500. Sure there’s parts.
  7. It almost doesn't look like a real SGT. Got a regular GT air intake, no CSM tag.
  8. Yeah mine came in black too, but it must have been regular grease that destroyed them mine were all stained black with black grease. I’m not thrilled with the new bushings they do feel cheaper.
  9. ...no that's wrong. The drop is the drop. If the rate is 1" and 1.3", thats what they will drop. BEFORE it settles you might only be at 3/4" of an inch or so. Shop is dead wrong.
  10. I think I know this car, sold new at JJ, the dealer I got my Marauder from. He ordered the chrome wheels to go with. The rear bumper does not make sense, but who knows. Also has 2nd gen Steeda weatherstripping on the CAI
  11. Electric. There is no way to do it mechanical like the boost gauge. That's why you do have the correct oil block, the Autometer electric sensor plugs into one of the ports. It's resistance based, fairly accurate.
  12. And just get a regular Autometer carbon fiber oil temp gauge. I looked for the Ca signed one for YEARS. No dice.
  13. Not necessarily. They do not offer a non supercharged kit anymore. Haven’t since 2013 or so. You can source the autometer oil temp gauge elsewhere and use it. Oil block IS the same, just cap off more ports. If you need the N/A installation instructions let me know.
  14. BUMP haven't given up, last piece of the puzzle if anyone converted to SC application and doenst need they oil temp gauge anymore. Thanks!
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